LSE AC Drive PID Guide - Spreadsheet

LSE AC Drive PID Guide - Spreadsheet

LSE America has created basic PID Cheat Sheet for any user to utilize and save for their project needs.  This PID User Guide includes all current LSE America AC Drive Models; M100, G100, S100, iS7 and H100/ H100+ Series.  

The shortcut of non-password protected/ open Excel Spreadsheet tabulated to our current LSE AC Drive offer. 
Below shortcut is provided for user convenience or can select the Excel File below.  Both files listed below are subject to periodic changes.  

Please note that if your application is a pump and you choose to utilize H100+ MACRO (MC1).  Pump inverse process will not have functionality in the MARCO (MC1), please do utilize the non-MARCRO version listed as " H100+ STD PID" Standard PID settings spreadsheet.
Inverse PID Application EXAMPLE: 
If this PID requirement is for a pump filling a tank application, whereas the tank is being filled from the top.  Utilize the STANDARD PID Non-MACRO (MC1) drive parameter settings for this.  

If, by chance, you have entered Pump MACRO (MC1) by mistake, the following steps to remedy drive parameters back to factory default "Outta-box": 
  1.  Goto the drive Configuration Group "CNF" using the keypad.
    1. Access by depressing keypad mode key several times until "CNFC" appears at the top left-hand side of the keypad display. 
    2. Then proceed to CNF.43 and select MACRO Select as "BASIC".  and the proceed to scroll to CNF.40, hit enter to access drive parameter initialize and select "ALL Groups", hit enter once.  
  2. Continue to setup drive PID parameters outlined in this corresponding spreadsheet, utilizing the H100+ (STD. PID) tab, unless you want to utilize the PRESSURE CONTROL MACRO (MC1).   For Pressure control MACRO can utilize the "H100+ Pressure Control" TAB in spreadsheet below. 
  3. Attached below is modifiable excel spreadsheet that could be downloaded and modified for all of your installations & customers.  
  1. Utilize the H100+ STANDARD PID for ALL Inverse Action PID's such as Top Tank Fill and Cooling Tower Temperature control.  
  2. Utilize H100+ Pressure Control MACRO (MC1) for all other Pump applications.  CNF Group "PRESSURE CONTROL" should be set for this.  

ATT:  PID Pump Reference Guide Rev K.XLSX 

The LSE America Applications Team